The Journal of catchfishwithhan.
Fin! 05-03-10 12:53
I think this will be my last post on Elowel for good or for a while at least. It's been real and I've met lots of cool people on here and hope you all have a great year! TTFN TATA FOR NOW!
Har Har Har 04-12-10 08:42
I've realized that life is one big joke after another. I can never take anything that happens to me seriously anymore or i'm bound to be disappointed. The lesson learned so far is that never expect much out of people and you will never be let down. Can't take love or new chances seriously either, or it'll make you feel the most pain you've ever felt before. Just live life as a series of jokes and you'll be pretty damn good, that's what i'm going to start doing.
Weed NO MO 03-14-10 15:20
So this last Thursday my sorta gf told me some stuff about my habits and i realized a lot. I took a step back and looked at what I've been doing since coming to college and realized I've done a bit too much "partying and bullshit". So I sort of made a drastic decision to quit smoking weed for good...well as long as I can last Thursday. I loved doing it and I think I just did it too much for my own good. Maybe one day I'll start again but for now I'm quite happy with myself and a really good feeling when I know I can destress without it. yay for quitting haha
Just In the Nick of Time 03-07-10 13:37
Have you ever met someone during a shitty moment of your life that made you feel like your heart could explode from happiness? Raise of hands anyone?! I did! She's amazing! =D
Shit 02-24-10 14:31
Life seems to be one surreal moment after another, some good, some bad, but most leave you feeling stripped of all emotion and feeling. That's just me though, life is just a game and sometimes you can quit if you want
Figured I'd throw a post down since it's been a little while since I last posted. Ummm whats going on hmmm, oh college is going well getting better grades and meeting the ladies. Just cause i'm meeting them doesn't mean anything =( JUST PULLIN YOUR LEG! Onto more important matters, hmmmm GREG ODEN!

So if you have not heard by now, which i doubt since it just happened, Greg Oden is dealing with nude pics that have been leaked on the internet. According to someone, apparently his wiener can be seen by Sarah Palin in Alaska! Thats whats up
Have you Ever??? 12-18-09 20:25
Has anyone ever been on academic probation in college here? JUST WONDERING totally hypothetical
Wierd Sexting Shtuff 12-10-09 22:10
Alright I know this is going to sounds really stupid and whiny of me but I actually have an issue of a hot chick who wont stop sending me pics..Earlier today she started sexting me and I'm not a huge fan of that so I tried to just be cool I guess ha, and just said stuff like I gotta go i'll talk to you later. Now in the past 15 minutes she has sent me 5 pics which are lets just say...NAKED! Don't worry she's 18, I've never asked her for pics or anything, the most i've ever done with this girl is make out. Don't get me wrong she is quite beautiful, she's just a known slut. WHAT THE F DO I DO
T-T's 11-06-09 23:20
Are everywhere, tis a cold night, anyone down for some P C P? no but realy, a belly rub sonds really good right now
Of Strippers and banging 09-15-09 13:34
Growing up I've always heard things in highschool about strippers having stds and being gross but having read books and from hearing real life experiances from people I know thats not entirely true. Now i feel stupid for freaking out on my birthday earlier this year when a stripper kissed me, FML! I shall redeem myself if given the chance though this Friday, and I was wondering if anyone on here has ever gone to a stripclub and gotten a number or maybe some action? It sounds like a hard feat to accomplish but my cocky stupid side thinks that I can do it....WISH ME LUCK!
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